Word Templates

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The Service Program offers a unique way to customize the forms for printing. We have the ability to create a custom word document and use that as a template for printing.

  • Video Demo

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    Above is a short video walkthrough how to create a simple word template for tasks inside The Service Program.

  • Sample Word Templates for Download

    Below are a few sample templates that are print ready. All the bookmarks are in the documents. When downloading, save the file into the correct folder inside of C:\TheServiceProgram\Templates

    Task (Work Order) Template

    Regulated Waste Manifest Template

    Route Ticket Template

    Pest Control Route Ticket Template

    Rental Contract Template

    Quote Template

  • Task BookMark Names

    Below is a picture of all the available bookmarks you can use when creating a word template for a task.

    A:   ParentRefFullName_1_1 O:   Type_1_1
    B:   FullName_1_1 P:   TaskDescription_1_1
    C:   ShipAddressAddr1_1_1 Q:   TaskSpecificNotes_1_1
    D:   ShipAddressAddr2_1_1 R:   Resolution_1_1
    E:   ShipAddressAddr3_1_1 S:   PONumber1_1_1
    F:   ShipAddressCity_1_1 T:   TxnDate1_1_1
    G:   ShipAddressState_1_1 U:   DueDate1_1_1
    H:   ShipAddressPostalCode_1_1 V:   EnteredBy_1_1
    I:   ContactPerson_1_1 W:   AssignedTo_1_1
    J:   AltContact_1_1 X:   SubAssigned_1_1
    K:   EmailAddress_1_1 Y:   TimeFrameRequested_1_1
    L:   ContactPhoneNumber_1_1 Z:   StartTime1_1_1
    M:   AltPhone_1_1 AB:   EndTime1_1_1
    N:   CustomerZone1_1_1 AC:   TicklerID_1_1
    AD:   Priority1_1_1

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  • Quote BookMark Names

    Below is a picture of all the available bookmarks you can use when creating a word template for a quote.

    A:   CustomerRefFullName_1_1 T:   EnteredBy_1_1
    B:   BillAddressAddr1_1_1 U:   SalesRepRefFullName_1_1
    C:   BillAddressAddr2_1_1 V:   ClassRefFullName_1_1
    D:   BillAddressAddr3_1_1 W:   PONumber1_1_1
    E:   BillAddressCity_1_1 X:   QuoteGoodUntil_1_1
    F:   BillAddressState_1_1 Y:   QuoteDescription_1_1
    G:   BillAddressPostalCode_1_1 Z:   FollowupDate1_1_1
    H:   Contact_1_1 AB:   DateAwarded1_1_1
    I:   QuoteType_1_1 AC:   DateRejected1_1_1
    J:   TxnDate1_1_1 AD:   RejectionReasonCode_1_1
    K:   ShipAddressAddr1_1_1 AE:   ItemRefFullName_1_1
    L:   ShipAddressAddr2_1_1 AF:   InvoiceLineDESC_1_1
    M:   ShipAddressAddr3_1_1 AG:   InvoiceLineQuantity1_1_1
    N:   ShipAddressCity_1_1 AH:   InvoiceLineRate1_1_1
    O:   ShipAddressState_1_1 AI:   InvoiceLineAmount1_1_1
    P:   ShipAddressPostalCode_1_1 AJ:   customnumber11_1_1
    Q:   Phone_1_1 AK:   customnumber21_1_1
    R:   EmailAddress_1_1 S:   Deposit1_1_1

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