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QuickBooks Add-On Property Management Software


The Service Program - The Leading QuickBooks Add-On Property Management and Maintenance Service Software. Track Subcontractors, in house repair people, recurring work orders, location equipment and more! 

Our iPhone and Android component gives your people the ability to enter and close out work orders while in the field.  It also gives your people the ability to see past history of what was done at the location.  Best of all, closed work orders can post into QuickBooks for billing!

The following are some of the property maintenance tasks that The Service Program can help you record, track and manage and report to your residential and commercial customers:

  • Document what services are performed each visit
  • Track which subcontractor/employee you have assigned to do the work
  • Track lapse time on open work orders. (Past due work orders are displayed in red, current work orders are in yellow and upcoming work orders are in green)
  • Enter customer equipment
  • Record multiple contacts per account.
  • Track preferred subcontractors by customer
  • Attach, photos, contracts, and other documents to a customers account
  • Bill into QuickBooks on a per work order basis or in batch once a month
  • Enter Preferred Pricing by customer on items that are in your QuickBooks
  • Keep track of equipment checks, maintenance and repairs
  • Track houses/properties by subdivision
  • Create checklists to accompany work tickets
  • Easily create scripts so when a customer calls your employee will get as much info from them as they can.  The questions and answers to the script will print on the work order.
  • Print custom mailing lists based on subdivision, who has what equipment
  • Managers can view entire route schedule from their PDA to be able to check on routes as they are in the field
  • Email a customer and/or onsite property manager after work has been performed at a location.
Click on the Report on the right.  This Route Tech Analysis Report is an example of how The Service Program can provide company your company with information quickly and easily so that you can make informed business decisions now.  This report shows you:

  • by Tech # of Route Stops
  • Stop Gross for the date range
  • time it takes to run the route
  • the 4 pay scenarios for comparison
  • fuel analysis by miles a tech turns in vs. other scenarios
  • miscellaneous expenses like insurance, uniforms, cell etc.
and how all this compares to your companies route profitability model.

    iPhone and Android Pool Service Software
Service Call Scheduling Past Due/Recurring Work Orders PDA's
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Routing Route Tickets Route Mapping
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Service Contracts Customer Detail Monthly Billing
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Below are some screen shots of our Property Management iPhone and Android Version

Did you Know?

Mobile Service Software

Track Equipment with QR Codes
Tracking subcontractors has never been easier!
The Service Program makes tracking work orders assigned to subcontractors simple.  You can email the work orders directly to them and quickly know if the work order turns past due!
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