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With its seamless integration with QuickBooks, its compatibility with handheld (pocket) computers and smartphones such as iPhones and Android devices, and its many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal software solution for your pest control business. Especially when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

Following are some of the pest control and maintenance tasks that The Service Program can help you record, track and manage and report to your residential and commercial customers, if appropriate:

  • Track Chemicals used onsite including reg numbers, labels, etc.
  • Track REI, application rate, dilution rate and more
  • Outdoor, perimeter and indoor treatments
  • Record Wind Speed and Wind Direction and temperature (if applicable)
  • Record Target Pest
  • Track any traps set.  Create a task to retrieve them in the future.
  • Record whether or not the customer has paid or not
  • Track Types of Service (yearly, quarterly, monthly, emergency)
  • All this information can be printed on a work ticket and/or entered on a PDA
  • PDA's can even signature capture and print in the field!

Additional Information

  • Enter Customers once in The Service Program or in QuickBooks and it seamlessly will update the other program.
  • When a customer calls you can open a work ticket in The Service Program then it will seamlessly go to a PDA.  Once closed it posts as an invoice in QuickBooks where you can print it out.
  • Continue to receive payments in QuickBooks and do your other normal accounting functions.  The Service Program does all the other little tasks that QuickBooks doesn't do.
  • Generate analysis: target pests, types of calls, performance by route, etc
  • Schedule when services need to be performed on any frequency
  • Keep track of services performed per visit
  • Record time of day and weather conditions
  • Track when parts are used off a truck with inventory
  • Track assets assigned to crews
  • Maintain route schedules for crews
  • Track route profitability
  • Track issues from the main warehouse to each crew member (chemicals, traps, etc.)
  • Create routes for various sprays, seasonal routes, etc.
iPhone and Android Pool Service Software
 Service Call Scheduling Past Due/Recurring Work Orders PDA's
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pest control software that works with quickbooks pest control software that works with quickbooks pest control software quickbooks
Routing Route Tickets Route Mapping
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Inventory Customer Detail Monthly Billing
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Service Contracts Ticket Analysis
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Below are some Screen Shots of our iPhone and Android Version
View open work orders, create new ones and complete existing ones Create an Invoice, view customer info, etc View your Route Schedule.  Create a route ticket when you get to a location.  Enter chems used.
Mobile Service Software
Track Equipment with QR Codes

Did you Know?

By using PDA's your route techs will be able to enter information in the PDA and print while in the field?  Additionally, when the tech syncs his/her PDA you can email the results to the customer!

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